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Racism doesn’t only affect the oppressed. Racism affects everyone, regardless of race or cultural heritage. And the only way to stop pervasive racism (or any ‘ism’ for that matter) is to expose it, even if that means taking a deeper look at our own attitudes and behaviors.

Race Talk Revolution brings experts together with those who wish to learn on a weekly basis, discussing how to have difficult conversations about understanding, tolerance, and the hard work of change. Find conversations with these and other change makers on our YouTube page -


RACE TALK speaker share-2.png
Deep Denial – The Persistence of White Supremacy in US History & Life .png
RACE TALK - Edwin Nichols, PhD.png
Wakesa Madzimoyo - RTR Ocgtober 20.png
RTR - Ending Qualified Immunity.PNG.png
Copy of Copy of RACE TALK speaker share-1.jpg
Mayo Bartlett on Race Talk 11-18.png
Copy of There is no rEVOLtion without LOVE(6).png
RTR - Dr. Shannen Dee Williams - Subversive Habits.png
RTR April 20 - Coming to the Table.png
RTR - April 13 - Silas Kulkarni and John Wood, Jr. (2).jpg
Rorri Geller-Mohamed March 31 RACE TALK speaker share.png
RT - Annie Rodriguez & Angelica B. Molina.png
Copy of Copy of RACE TALK speaker share.png
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