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Our Mission and vision

Race Talk Revolution encourages and cultivates courageous inclusive dialogue about race racism in the United States. Our mission is to provide virtual and in-person programs that educate and enlighten diverse audiences about the impact of race and racism and promote antiracist activism that transcends false narratives and elevates humanity as a whole. Our goal is to offer opportunities to overcome barriers to interracial relationships and lean into the discomfort of discussing race while offering tools to explore personal and collective calls to antiracist activism.

The Race Talk Revolution community practices radically inclusive love, and believes that only by engaging in conversation, can we heal the wounds created by centuries of systemic oppression afflicting people of every race, culture and creed. We, therefore, lift up Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of Beloved Community, in which everyone is cared for, absent of poverty, hunger, and hate and where race is neither a barrier to relationship nor a basis for discrimination.  We envision a world that works for everyone, where equity is key, where every person feels valued, and where every voice is heard, acknowledged and appreciated, because at Race Talk Revolution, every voice matters.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide a safe space where people of diverse ages, races, and cultural orientations can learn about and explore the causes and effects of systemic racism through the sharing of personal experiences and perspectives in order to facilitate change in our social and societal landscape. The outcome of these conversations is to: Expand, Enhance, Elevate


Expand: Open Minds to expand Hearts

Expanded personal awareness of how each of us contributes to and perpetuates systemic racism will help us see how we can facilitate change on the individual and societal levels.


enhance: Open Dialogue to enhance


Enhanced capacity for hearing, understanding, and appreciating alternative perspectives will allow for enhanced social and societal relationships with people of all ethnicities.


elevate: Open sociocultural Systems to elevate everyone

An elevated social consciousness that promotes multiracial dialogue will transform racist ideals and attitudes leading to the eventual dismantling of racist systems that subjugate people of color in the United States


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Reverend Lane Cobb, MS CPC

Reverend Lane Cobb is an Ordained Interfaith Inter-spiritual Minister committed to educating and uplifting those seeking to live a more authentic, spirit-filled life.

life-long student of human behavior, Rev. Cobb understands that at our core, all we really want and need to live abundantly are three things:

  1. To be loved and appreciated for who we are and not for what we have​

  2. To express ourselves freely and authentically and have our voices heard

  3. To make a meaningful contribution to the world and have that contribution acknowledged by others.


Through coaching, speaking and group facilitation, Rev. Cobb helps individuals let go of the past and create a more vibrant future, and teaches community and business leaders how to speak and listen with love, compassion, and a commitment to bringing people together to achieve a common goal. 


When asked the question, “If you had the chance to say one thing to the entire world, what would you say?”, she responded, “I would tell them to cut the crap! Tearing each other down doesn’t help anybody. In fact, it hurts us all. We are all human beings. We all want the same things. We are all in this together.”

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